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The Resilience Compass was formed in response to the COVID-19 crisis as a collaborative public service. This group of partners, led by, aims to help small businesses, cooperatives, and nonprofits calmly navigate uncharted waters while accelerating their road to recovery.

The Resilience Compass aims to bring helpful resources and guidance from a spectrum of public, private, and local sources that can be filtered to your organization's most pressing needs.

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"Why Now?"
Employers in the Bay Area have been particularly hit hard by the COVID-19 global pandemic. We value support and uplifting our communities, especially in a time of great need. It is critical that persevere, in it together, as one.
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“Rebuilding a world where community organizations have support and access to second chances”
Small Businesses across the nation have been reeling from the COVID-19 global pandemic. Resilience Compass was established as a platform to help small businesses and community organizations navigate critical resources to help foster local economic revitalization. We hope this tool saves you time and energy in finding what you need, when you need to help you thrive.
“Resilience Compass has amazing resources, relevant data and is simple to navigate. As an entrepreneur and founder I will leverage this site regularly as I continue to transition and pivot during this unprecedented time.”

~Tiffany N.
Entrepreneur & Founder

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To successfully navigate in the wake of COVID, it's important to stay informed. We've curated a list of readings centered around Business Strategy, Strong Communities, and Mental Health to help you easily find the best information.

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